NRMN-CAN Mission: To leverage CIC/Big Ten Academic Alliance resources to provide professional development, grantwriting, and mentor training to Early Stage Investigators from underrepresented populations and to assist mentors in developing core competencies for mentor facilitating and grantwriting coaching.                                                         

Transformative Goal of NRMN-CAN:  Change the face of the biomedical workforce by increasing the number of underrepresented scientists to successfully pursue academic careers by:
•  Training cohorts of grantsmanship coaches and establishing grant-writing groups
•  Creating opportunities for mentees across career stage to find committed mentors and engage in productive, supportive mentoring relationships 
•  Providing effective professional development for mentees along the career continuum
•  Directly addressing the benefits and challenges of diversity, inclusivity and culture within mentoring relationships and more broadly the biomedical research workforce

NRMN-CAN Participating Universities:
Michigan State University • Pennsylvania State University • Indiana University • Northwestern University • Ohio State University • Purdue University • University of Minnesota • University of Chicago • University of Michigan • University of Illinois at Chicago • University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign • University of Wisconsin-Madison • University of Iowa • University of Nebraska-Lincoln • Rutgers University • University of Maryland

Principal Investigators:
Nancy Schwartz, PhD, University of Chicago
Charity Farber, MA, Big Ten Academic Alliance

NRMN-CAN Program Coordinator:
Laurie E. Risner, PhD, University of Chicago

NRMN-CAN Executive Committee:
Jeffrey Franke, MPA, University of Maryland
Philip S. Clifford, PhD, University of Illinois at Chicago
Xenia Morin, PhD, Rutgers University
Evelyn Erenrich, PhD, Rutgers University

The NRMN-CAN steering committee also consists of faculty, staff and deans from all 16 participating universities.